How To Keep Your Teeth White?-“Whitening Teeth”

Just about 5% of the population of our world is born with white teeth; the rest must work hard to achieve the desired effect. Everyone wants to know how to keep their teeth clean, regardless of how they got them. Our dentists went over the causes of the color change and how to keep the snow-white hue of the tooth enamel -“Whitening Teeth”

What Causes Teeth To Change Colour?

Bacteria are often present on the mucous membrane’s layer. Dental deposits of a yellow, brown, or black hue type if you neglect oral cavity washing, eat mostly soft food, misuse coloring foods, and beverages, and smoke.

teeth whitening

A soft plaque forms on the surface of the teeth 4-7 hours after cleaning. Cleaning with a toothbrush and paste, rinsing, and flossing in hard-to-reach areas are all easy ways to get rid of it. If you ignore the issue, microorganisms will start secreting acids, which will not only change the colour of your teeth, but also cause enamel damage, infection, and the emergence of caries.

How Do You Keep Your Teeth, White, When You’ve Had Them Whitened?

Normal brushing with a medium-hard bristle brush and a high fluoride healing paste will remove white and yellow soft plaque. As part of the required course, such pastes should be used within one month.

If you are unable to clear dental deposits on your own, you can see your dentist for a professional cleaning and then teeth whitening.

Following confirmation, the doctor will make specific instructions about how to keep the teeth white. This include following the “white diet,” which excludes the following foods:

White Diet

  • Fruits and vegetables that are vibrant in colour.
  • Desserts made of curd, curd cheeses, chocolate, cookies, jam, and other sweet products.
  • Sauces, herbs, and ready-to-eat soups
  • Teeth-staining beverages (tea, coffee, red wine, cocoa)
  • Juices and dyed soda drinks
  • Sausages, smoked meats, fried fish, and meat are all available.

Since the enamel becomes porous after skilled bleaching, allowing surface pigments to penetrate, a “transparent” diet should be followed for around 2-3 weeks. Despite the strict limitations, tea and coffee may be consumed within 3-4 days of clarification.

You will be able to keep your teeth white for a long time if you exclude the foods and beverages mentioned above from your diet. Furthermore, the “transparent” diet is not as restrictive as it seems, since you can use:

  • Food that has been boiled and stewed.
  • Fig.
  • Cabbage
  • boiled potatoes
  • Milk, cottage cheese, and cheese are examples of dairy products.

Opt for regular oral hygiene procedures in addition to a healthy diet to keep the teeth clean. Brushing your teeth twice a day, rinsing after each meal, and flossing hard-to-reach areas are all examples.

What Foods Aid In The Whitening Of Teeth?

If you find yellow, brown, or black dental deposits, seek professional attention right away. In one hour, the doctor will clean and whiten your teeth, offering you a snow-white smile.

Adding such meats, vegetables, and fruits to one’s diet is unlikely to improve the colour dramatically. However, such improvements will aid in the maintenance of your white teeth after whitening.

Vegetables and fruits, in particular, must be chewed thoroughly. To achieve natural clarity, eat them raw rather than rubbing, cutting them into pieces, and tossing them into salads. Fruits and vegetables contain trace elements that aid in the restoration of normal blood circulation.

white teeth

Include the following fruits and vegetables in your diet to keep your teeth white and prevent yellowing:

  • Apples-The gums will be strengthened, bacteria will be eliminated, and bad breath will be eliminated if you eat whole apples on a regular basis.
  • Pears-The enamel is affected in the same way, and the high moisture content allows the acid to be neutralised.
  • Carrot-Saliva production increases as food are eaten, which aids in the removal of bacteria and germs, the removal of stains, and the reduction of the risk of caries.
  • Celery-Vegetable with strong whitening properties, antibacterial properties, acid balance maintenance, and blood circulation improvement.
  • Broccoli– Returns teeth to their normal whiteness and creates a special shield to protect the enamel from acid.
  • Lemons, limes, tangerines, grapefruits, bananas, and tangerines The presence of a large amount of acids aids in the rapid removal of plaque, the protection of teeth and gums from inflammation, and the reduction of bleeding.

Nuts are a great natural tooth enamel cleaner and massager. Sesame, which is high in calcium, aids in the reduction of yellow spots and the maintenance of white teeth. Dairy products (cheese, milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese) help to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and the presence of dark dental plaque.

For more tips and instructions contact us our team will help you to get the smile you long for.

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