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Some dental treatment is needed depending on one’s age and lifestyle. Essentially, one’s cleaning technique changes over the course of one’s existence. It is important not only because of new scientific discoveries but also because of the development of one’s own living and eating habits, as well as the related development of one’s own dentition.

Partial Denture Removable

What Is Extraction Of Teeth?

Extraction is the removal of a tooth without the need for a wider cut in dentistry. Any dentist should be able to do it. It is an operative intervention, much like any other surgical intervention in the human body for diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes.

Since the mucous membrane is injured, the injection of local anesthetic is also an operation in the narrower sense.

Surgical tooth removal is used where a larger incision and the development of a mucosal periosteal flap are necessary.

Reasons For Extraction

Extraction of absolute indications

  • The tooth is severely loose and regeneration of the tooth-holding apparatus is unlikely.
  • The tooth crown or the tooth root may be cracked horizontally.
  • In the middle third of the tooth root, there is a transverse fracture.
  • Massive apical periodontitis cannot be cured surgically.
  • Displacement of a tooth, as is common with wisdom teeth, or a lack of room if orthodontic treatment is not successful.

Extractions of relative indications

  • If tooth protection with fillings or crowns is only possible for a limited time, severe destruction of the hard tooth substances (tooth enamel, dentine) occurs.
  • The patient refuses to have his gum saved, but he also wants to be pain-free.
  • The patient is unable to cover the costs of required tooth preservation treatments due to financial constraints (e.g. a crown).
  • There is a mismatch between the size of the teeth and the size of the jaw, so not all teeth have enough room: As part of an orthodontic procedure, systematic extraction therapy is used.

Tooth Extraction Possible Causes

Today’s dentistry provides a range of alternatives for reducing diseases including tooth decay and periodontitis, as well as preventing diseased teeth from pulling. As a result, tooth extraction is often seen as a last resort.

It may, however, be needed for the following reasons:

Tooth Decay Has Caused Severe Harm

Teeth whose tooth material has been attacked by caries will sometimes be saved with a crown, likely with a post-build-up, depending on the degree of injury (using a post anchored in the root). However, if the tooth is damaged by larger sections of the root in addition to the natural tooth crown, the tooth may need to be extracted.

Treatment For Orthodontics

We provide dental care for orthodontics at German. Tooth misalignment is induced, among other factors, by a narrow jaw, which leaves the teeth with enough room to straighten out. Permanent teeth can need to be removed in order to reach the therapeutic objective, depending on the particular situations. New orthodontic treatment techniques, on the other hand, often made it possible to avoid extracting in many cases.

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