Orthodontic Treatment

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A Simple Explanation

Orthodontics is the study of fixing and avoiding tooth misalignment and malocclusion.

Crooked teeth, malocclusion, and abnormalities in the formation of the jaws are sneaky phenomena: as the load on the jaw is improperly distributed, defects worsen with time, causing pain and an increased risk of complications and other oral diseases.

They make people smile without opening their mouths, which makes it difficult to communicate with others around them, work colleagues, and so on.

Bite abnormalities have a negative effect on a child’s psyche and may contribute to a complex of self-doubt during childhood and adolescence.

But, thanks to modern orthodontics’ skills, anything can be fixed!

The well-known bracket method is one of the most effective resources. In fact, these are arc-connected locks that are glued to the tooth’s outer surface with a special glue:

Dental Services In Maryland Provides A Range Of Shaving Programmes, Including:

Damon Q's Braces

The Damon Q brackets are the tiniest of the Damon series. The inclusion of elements intended for passive attachment of the orthodontic arch in the main part of each bracket is a design feature of this type of braces. The orthodontic arch is connected to the locks using ligatures in the previous bracket systems. Because of the existence of such an attachment device, it is important to resolve a strong frictional force in order to shift a tooth rigidly attached to the orthodontic arch. Self-ligating braces are tightly applied to the arch but do not obstruct it, enabling the teeth to be displaced with a slightly lower force.

Metal Braces

The Key Benefits Of Damon Clear Braces:

Damon ligature-free braces’ combination of revolutionary properties made it possible to conduct successful treatment while retaining high aesthetics in a variety of cases where it was previously impossible. As a consequence, with a deep bite, aesthetic braces that are wider than metal braces are not recommended, because when the teeth are closed, both the upper jaw teeth and the braces themselves may be affected. However, when Damon Clear braces were used in conjunction with Damon Q metal braces, the issue of treating pathologies with a deep bite was fully solved.

Clear Damon Braces Damon's Clear

Bracket System is a modern Damon’s innovative technology brace that is fully transparent and has the benefit of passive self-ligation.

The Transparent bracket has rounded and smooth contours. They offer maximum patient satisfaction as well as rapid adaptation. The revolutionary Spin Tek lid open and close mechanism, as with other Damon series braces, allows for simple arch changes. The Damon Clear bracket system’s arch is also not attached to the braces and slides freely in the grooves, just like the other Damon bracket systems, making treatment simple, comfortable, and efficient.

Damon Clear Is A Unique Damon Product

Bracket Technology: The Damon Clear Bracket’s proprietary laser-etched base provides optimum traction for a stable fit and easy bracket removal. Removable positioners, diamond-shaped braces, and a vertical etched line on the base make positioning the braces for a beautiful smile a breeze. Patients often stated that the braces met or surpassed their standards in terms of comfort and appearance.

Damon Clear braces are the next step in the evolution of the Damon Q bracket system, which is well-known and well-deserved by orthodontists. The new design differs from the conventional Damon bracket system in terms of the braces’ lightness and transparency.

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