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Dental clinics use to be well equipped to run emergency dental services and basic dental dealings for example cleaning, filling, radiology and tooth extraction. Treatments which require several visits to the urgent care dentist, such as crowns, orthodontics (stable orthodontic appliances) and endodontics (root canal treatment) should be done by a permanent dentist or by referral to a specialist dentist who comes to visit the community that is closest to where you live.

Dental Services

At this time, all general anesthesia treatments are done in Germantown MD and will be organized by the dental clinic in cooperation with our dental Clinic of Germantown MD (SPC). The waiting time for this type of treatment can be long (around 6 months).


Our dental Clinic offers comprehensive, high-quality dental services in a family practice context. Our team is proud to serve you better thanks to its large laboratory on site, its 10 new dental treatment rooms and a more spacious reception to welcome you. From stoppage to restoration, our capable dentists use to be at your service to preserve your oral health.

Our denturists are there to replace your missing teeth or restore the appearance of your natural teeth. For extremely functional and natural-looking implants, the expertise of our denturists is at your service. Smile again, changing the missing natural teeth with our top shot titanium pieces, which happens to be placed in the bone, setting the teeth effectively. Thanks to orthodontics you will have a perfect and enviable smile, in addition to improving your oral health.

Are You Looking For The Dental Services?

Our Dental Clinic is a dental center that offers a solution to all your dental health needs, from classic and typical treatments: oral cleanings, orthodontics, endodontics, extractions to more innovative treatments. Our priority is always to promote the habit of correct oral hygiene. We consider that the moment a patient decides to go to the afterhours dentist, it is important to facilitate treatment, so to solve patients’ problems, they have the right collaborators to do so in the most agile and efficient way possible.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

You may have been told that you need Root Canal treatment to save your teeth, but it is essential to know the whole process. Our main goal is to help you maintain your natural teeth for life & to allow you to smile with confidence.

Dental implant Services

Dental Implants

Placement of dental work requires an understanding of the function & aesthetics of the mouth, teeth, jaws and face. Our professionals in oral surgery take care of the surgical phase of the treatment in connection with the implants.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

One of the most popular ways to improve your smile and your appearance is teeth whitening. We offer take-out kits, which will allow you to do the treatment at home and gradually see your smile whiten.

kids Dental Services

Kids Dentistry

The pediatric dentist looks after your child's dental health from birth to late adolescence and beyond. At our Dental Services Maryland, we believe that all children have the right to the best dental care, without pain!

Dental Emergency

Emergency Dental

Are you looking for an emergency & quality service that will treat your dental problem immediately? Our dental clinic at Germantown, you will find qualified dentists who will provide you the necessary care.

Why Choose Dental Services Maryland?

As pediatric dentists, we consider it our duty to do everything we can to ensure that our little patients receive the treatment they need smoothly and painlessly. To achieve this, we rely on a team of highly qualified people who continuously strive for excellence in their work and the best available technologies. 

At our Dental Clinic Germantown MD, we consider it important for children to have fun to visit the dentist while receiving quality dental emergency care and suitable for children. Our premises have been designed to create a friendly, warm and fun atmosphere in order to transform the visit of the little ones to the urgent dentist into a most positive experience! 

Our treatment rooms are adapted to children. They promote relaxation and calm while being at the cutting edge of technology!

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