Dental Services In Fairfax County

We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of dental services offered by the Dental Services In Fairfax County.

For your convenience, each service has been described in detail and provided with a multimedia animation that will help you visualize the details of the course of various dental treatments, their complexity and the end result. We also invite you to ask any questions regarding the treatment, follow-up visits or other issues related to the work of our office via the contact tab.

Root Canal Treatment In Fairfax County

We invite you to our Dental Clinic – our experienced staff will help you in the aesthetic reconstruction of missing teeth.

We are specialists in the field of Root Canal Treatment, we use only the best materials that guarantee the durability and reliability of our dentures.

It is worth knowing that even the loss of one tooth is not indifferent to the patient’s biting system. In addition, their lack is not only an aesthetic problem, but above all a health problem – it disturbs the chewing efficiency, accelerates the abrasion of other teeth, and has a negative impact on the function of the temporomandibular joints.

Our experienced medical staff will meet any challenge. We will honestly deal with the reconstruction of damaged teeth, as well as their replacement. Root Canal Treatment In Fairfax County guarantees the highest quality of dentures.

We make:

removable restorations, including dentures:

  • skeletal,
  • sagging,


permanent restorations, including:  

  • crown and root inlays,  
  • prosthetic crowns,
  • prosthetic bridges.

Orthodontic Treatment In Fairfax County

We invite you to take advantage of the professional services of our clinic. The orthodontic treatment we offer is based on the knowledge and experience of our staff.

We will carefully prepare a treatment plan that is clear and transparent in assumptions, which we will follow from the first visit until the existing defect is completely corrected.

Correction of malocclusion is a necessary procedure to improve the appearance of the patient’s face, improve oral health and form the basis of his well-being.

Our team of specialists in Fairfax County has extensive knowledge and vast experience in the field of orthodontics.

We offer our patients both removable and fixed orthodontic appliances. Removable appliances are designed for each person individually – “made to measure” and are based on a previously made plaster cast of the upper and lower jaw. Especially used in young patients – they guarantee excellent results.

Fixed orthodontic appliances that we offer to our patients permanently eliminate malocclusion both in children (with permanent teeth) and in adult patients. They give amazing results in the form of beautiful-looking – even, well-groomed teeth.

Bonding Tooth In Fairfax County

After consultation and establishing an individual treatment plan, impressions are taken for the patient in order to make diagnostic plaster models. They provide the starting point for treatment in order to track the progress of treatment. Then the patient has dental braces fitted according to a previously agreed plan.

Treatment with a fixed orthodontic appliance lasts approx. 18-30 months, depending on the type of defect, its severity, the patient’s individual response to treatment and the possible need for additional treatments – scaling, conservative treatment, extractions.

Our office in Fairfax County uses the best orthodontic appliance systems, tailored to your needs and expectations.

Dental Implants In Fairfax County

After consultation with the doctor, the patient is instructed to take X-rays and, in uncertain circumstances, computed tomography of the affected region of the oral cavity. Each patient’s recovery strategy is tailored to their specific needs. The number and type of implants are selected based on the conditions in the oral cavity.

Following the healing of the implants, human prosthetic works such as dentures, crowns, and bridges are completed in compliance with the previously agreed-upon treatment schedule. Crowns, bridges, and partial dentures are matched to the actual dentition to appear as normal as possible while still being as relaxed as possible and ensuring well-being.

Many years of cooperation with Nobel Biocare gives us the opportunity to obtain special price discounts. we negotiate rates, which directly translates into the final price of the products offered to our patients. Dental implants at Dental services in Fairfax County are made on-site, on request

Prosthetic works on implants are performed in our laboratory, thanks to which we can significantly reduce costs to offer our patients attractive prices.

Teeth Whitening In Fairfax County

White teeth are widely regarded as a sign of fitness, which is why many patients are interested in them. It is a totally risk-free, efficient, and painless treatment. People who are scared of dentists will now relax. The most significant thing is that the whitening or brightening of the teeth is done under the care of a doctor. Only frequent visits to the office can have a distinct and long-lasting influence.

Teeth whitening in Fairfax County enhances the appearance of teeth, as well as one’s well-being and self-esteem. Furthermore, routine trips to the dentist’s office after whitening result in improved health and earlier avoidance of potential problems.

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